4 tools for building smashing landing pages

Landing pages are must-have, must-do elements of any online marketing — display, affiliate or else.

If you know how to code then you’re free as a bird in building anything you imagine. But if not, then tools for creating landing pages will give you the power to draw most of your ideas without having to write a single line of code.

After some research, I’ve picked four most sought-after landing page builders: Wishpond, Instapage, Pagewiz, and Unbounce to present to you. These 4 is a good number to choose from and I believe that among these tools you’ll find your best pick.

All selected tools are easy-to-use, enable you to build mobile responsive landings, offer A/B tests, and integrate with third-party software. What makes them different from each other, though, is the price, a support, quality and quantity of pre-designed themes and a subjective look and feel.

So, let’s take a closer look at each of the tools.



Wishpond is like a Swiss Army Knife, it’s a drag-and-drop creator not only for landing pages but also for popups, online forms, and social contests. So if you’re in need for a multifunctional tool, Wishpond is worth your consideration.

At Wishpond, you can use a wide collection of over 50 templates as a ground for your own unique projects. Be it an eBook promotional page, a webinar signup, a product page, or an app site, all the latest web design is right at your fingertips inside the tool.

Each project can be viewed and redesigned for a desktop, a tablet, and a mobile screen. It’s a super handy feature that lets you shift between screen versions and tweak a landing page for your audience. For many variations of one landing page, you can run real-time A/B tests and the app will point out the best converting ones to you.

Wishpond for mobile landing pages

All your launched creatives are tracked by the number of views, conversions, and a conversion rate. With this data, you can easily tell which of the projects are working well and which need some major adjustments.

The Wishpond’s price starts from $44 for a basic plan (1000 leads), and increases with the number of leads. All plans include 24/7 live chat support, A/B tests, and a custom CSS. In higher plans, you can get a phone support and an open API.

In my opinion, Wishpond is a fine universal tool, a bit tougher in use than Instapage, but definitely a good one for multi purposes: online forms, popups, and contests. To decide if it’s for you, just take it for a spin and see how it feels. To try it out, there’s a 14-days-free trial or a free demo with one of Wishpond’s experts.



Instapage is a tool designed solely for creating landing pages without touching a single line of code (or if you wish to with touching it here and there). It stands out as a simple, intuitive, and smoothly working gear which is constantly updated with the latest web design trends.

To get you started, Instapage offers over 80 neatly designed templates organized into categories; such as lead generation, click-through, webinar, mobile app, and thank you pages. They all come free with your Instapage’s account, but if you crave for more, there are over 70 additional ones available on Themeforest for a considerable price. Designers at Instapage put effort and talent to produce themes that convert and meet the standards of a current web etiquette. They make sure each theme is deemed worthy of your use. And I tell you, they all are.

Instapage for mobile landing pages

For pairing up with third-party software such as CRM, email marketing, social, and optimization tools, Instapage provides seamless integrations. So if you need two or more tools to work together, check if your tools are supported by Instapage here.

Besides the design and integrations, Instapage put a lot of sweat into creating a useful analytics dashboard, which they boldly call “the best landing page analytics in the industry.” With the dashboard, you can split traffic into many variations of one landing page, track conversion rates over time, view conversion rates vs. unique visitors and more.

To access Instapage, you need to spend at least $29 (when paid annually). Interestingly, their pricing is the only one that doesn’t base on a number of leads. All plans offer unlimited pages, visitors, and domains. The basic version, though, has all CSS customization locked. So if you need more personal adjustments, you’ll be looking at a price of $55 or more.

A support is provided in all plans during working days, a ticket support in a basic plan and a live chat and phone support in higher plans.

In my opinion, Instapage is an excellent tool for any campaign maker. It pays off with painless usage and a myriad of quality templates. To decide whether it’s a tool for you or not, grab a free 30-day trial and play with it for a while. If it feels good at hand and meets your specific needs don’t hesitate to invest in Instapage, as it’s a good choice for sure.


Pagewiz, a landing page builder

Pagewiz is a funny looking tool for building and optimizing landing pages within minutes. It’s targeted for affiliates, marketing agencies, and small business owners.

Pagewiz has all the features needed to power you up in your creative times. A drag-and-drop interface, A/B split tests, mobile version, basic integrations, and a handful of free templates.

For a quick overview, check out this under-five-minutes video:

Pagewiz is sold for minimum $29 (5000 visitors and 2 domains) and the price goes up as the number of visitors and domains rises. All plans include email and live chat support which responds in less than 24 hours.

Pagewiz inside

In my opinion, Pagewiz is a bit outdated tool with too few templates and an awkward mobile designing mode. To design for a mobile, you need to create a separate landing page and it’s tough to switch between them in order to fine-tune each version. But don’t fully trust me on that, as you might find something unique in this tool. Best, just get your hands dirty with it and decide for yourself. A30-day free trial is all that you need for this. So, go get it!


Unbounce, a landing page builder

Unbounce is a well-known tool for crafting landing pages without I.T. It’s packed with basic features — drag and drop menu, A/B split test, customization, and advanced ones — a dynamic text replacement, a script manager, and an automatic SSL encryption.

For a brief view, watch this introduction to Unbounce:

Unbounce’s designers draw over 85 free-to-use templates which cover voguish themes such as click-through, lead generation, webinar, mobile app, and more. All the templates are 100% mobile friendly and are updated according to common trends such as parallax scrolling and full page background images.

The price for Unbounce starts from $49 (5000 visitors) and climbs with the number of visitors and advanced features. The support is offered in all plans via email, live chat, and phone. A hilarious bonus, a dedicated success coach, is included in the highest plan, priced $199.

In my opinion, Unbounce is a solid, but a bit clumsy tool. It offers a bulk of advanced features which you might find crucial for your campaigns, but working with it may be a bit hard. Before you make your choice, try it out for 30 free days (a credit card details are required to sign up).

Play and ride

All presented tools are a good selection of handy landing page builders. They have its merits and flaws. Some are multifunctional, some beautifully designed, some easy-to-use, and some packed with features. You can get them for as little as $29 and as much as $199. The price is based, in most cases, on the number of visitors and advancement of features. To make up your mind, you better run a few free trials and see which of these tools works best for you.