Facebook Delivered Triple The Engagement Over Twitter For Branded Content In 2015 [Report]

Looking at content marketing trends from last year, digital marketing solutions provider TrackMaven found that brands experienced three times the engagement levels for content shared on Facebook compared to content posted on Twitter.

In its “The Content Marketing Paradox” report, TrackMaven analyzed 75 billion interactions on more than 50 million pieces of paid and organic content posted by brands across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

“As more brands put up money to pay-to-play on Facebook, overall engagement per brand could hover at healthy levels on the network,” says TrackMaven.

While content posted on Twitter failed to perform as well as that posted on Facebook, Pinterest saw the greatest drop in engagement rates of all the social networks included in TrackMaven’s report, falling 49 percent over the course of the year.

LinkedIn’s engagement rate proved to be the most consistent throughout 2015.

Content Engagement Rates on Social Media Networks in 2015

TrackMaven interactions per postTrackMaven’s findings revealed Instagram had the highest average engagement rate for branded content of all the social networks. On average, Instagram saw eight times the engagement rate for content, but those numbers are dropping as the site — and its ad options — grow.

“The average engagement ratio with Instagram videos and pictures dropped 31 percent and 36 percent, respectively, across 2015,” says TrackMaven.

Instagram Engagement Rates Compared to Other Social Networks
TrackMaven instagram interactionsRegardless of content engagement rates, brands continued to increase their social media content output throughout the year, with Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook seeing the highest uptick in content volume of all the social networks.

According to TrackMaven, Twitter saw the greatest increase in content output on a monthly basis per brand, growing 60 percent over the course of 2015. Facebook experienced a 31-percent increase.

Branded Content Volume per Social Channel in 2015
TrackMaven social post volume